Alistair D N Edwards

2.6 Challenge

I am doing a 2.6 Challenge for Martin House hospice for children and young people. Keeping within government guidelines, I will cycle as far as I can on 26 minutes.

Donations gratefully received via a JustGiving page. This only allows you to give a fixed amount, so you might want to wait until I have completed, so you know how many miles to pay for.

Thank you!

A Pictorial History

My father, Norman's, memoirs, on-line.

The America's Cup

I wrote an article about the history of this sailing competition. I hoped it might be published in a newspaper, but neither of the ones I sent it to even bothered to reply. So, rather than waste all that effort, here it is for anyone who's interested.

How tides work

My sister once asked me how tides work, and I thought the easiest way to explain was to put it on a webpage.


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